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Welcome to Westbury Manor, a traditional Victorian mansion with formal English gardens and classically elegant banquet rooms. Every moment of your affair will be a memory in the making in one of our beautifully appointed ballrooms or outdoors on our five acres of lavishly planted grounds.

At the Westbury Manor, you will experience the beauty of the changing seasons. With our entrancing landscapes featuring fountains, falls, and hundreds of captivating flowers, your guests will be transported to a country wonderland throughout the year. Visit us today and allow us to help you create a timeless, unique experience that will exceed all your expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional, detailed, and personalized service that makes a customer's event harmonious without stress in planning. We want you to have trust in the financial commitments made to our organization.

We continuously strive to provide you and your guests with a level of service and food quality that far exceeds expectations; leaving a positive experience and wonderful memories that ensure a strong, repeated, and conscious image of our facility and organization.

Make our home, your home during your visit at Westbury Manor.

General Manager Jerry Scotto shares the philosophy of Westbury Manor

Jerry Scotto
Jerry Scotto
Chef Tony
Chef Tony

Tony Crimani

Executive Chef

Born in Naples, Italy, Executive Chef Antonio Crimani grew up surrounded by the scents of Southern Italian Regional cooking. The kitchen was always an important place in his home and the joy he experienced while sharing meals with his six brothers and sisters lingers in his memory. At the young age of thirteen Antonio, "Tony," began working to contribute to the family income. Though he dabbled in selling shoes and working with a local furniture dealer delivering merchandise, Tony gained joy through cultivating his culinary tastes by savoring flavors and aromas in the various regions of his native country.

In 1976, Tony immigrated to the United States in search of a better means to support his family. With no command of the English language job hunting proved to be difficult. He solicited the help of some acquaintances from his home town, the Scottos. Tony got his start in the restaurant business as a dishwasher at Scotto's Pizzeria in Great Neck. Through these meager beginnings, Tony sparked the interest of Vincent Scotto, his boss. Mr. Scotto recognized Tony's earnest hunger for work and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. His desire to excel pushed Tony to work his way up from dishwasher to busboy. After his promotion he realized a command of the language would only help him move up within the growing restaurant's ranks. While working full time, he struggled in the evenings to learn English and earned his GED through the adult education program at Great Neck High School. His knowledge of Italian, Spanish and English, along with his sparkling personality convinced Vincent to give him a promotion to "cook" where Tony yearned to be. His skills soon became recognized; Tony was where he belonged. He had found his niche in the career world and was soon recognized as a necessary component to the inner culinary workings of Vincent Scotto's restaurant network.

Tony's unwavering drive and leadership skills proved to be major assets to the Scottos. Upon taking over the Fox Hollow in 1988, after twelve years working with the family, Tony was promoted to Executive Chef. His talents and creativity were instrumental in establishing the company as one of Long Island's finest catering enterprises. His continued loyalty and dedication to the Scotto's earned him a permanent place within the company. In November 2004 when Vincent Scotto and sons took sole ownership of Westbury Manor Tony, accompanied by his loyal staff, moved along with them.

Tony's devotion to dining excellence is demonstrated throughout his 33 year career but nothing showcases his abilities in the Catering and Restaurant industry like his record at the Westbury Manor. Tony continues his commitment to fine food and elegant presentations. In conjunction with the renovation of the Polo Lounge restaurant, the kitchen was revamped with the latest equipment available in the culinary industry. In less than four years, Westbury Manor has become one of the most favored venues on Long Island. This triumph is due to the extensive work and dedication of its devoted owners, staff, and Executive Chef Tony.

Gennaro "Jerry" Scotto


Gennaro Scotto was born on June 19, 1964 in Brooklyn, N.Y, to Vincent and Michelina Scotto, natives of Monte Di Procida, Italy. Nicknamed Jerry at birth, he was raised in Great Neck, Long Island. He attended American University in Washington, D.C. and graduated from New York University in 1986 with a BS in Accounting.

Jerry began his career as a restaurateur very early in his life working summers at Scotto's Pizzeria in Great Neck where he became assistant manger at the age of 18. While attending college he continued to develop his management skills as a banquet manager at Westbury Manor and the Chateaubriand from 1985 to 1988. It was then that Jerry would meet his future wife Linda Jemmott, a teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, while she was attending a wedding reception. In 1989 Jerry and Linda were married and are now the proud parents of two children, Ashley and Jacob.

Early in 1988, Scotto Brothers acquired the well know Fox Hollow Restaurant and Caterers in Woodbury, Long Island. Jerry became General Manager of the newest acquisition and working side by side with his father Vincent, they began a total renovation and expansion of the landmark location. Recognizable now by its familiar bell tower, the property was redesigned from the beautiful outdoor garden terraces and bridal suites with roaring fireplaces, to the high tech professional photography studios and video conference rooms.

In 2000, Scotto Brothers Enterprises moved their corporate headquarters to Crossways Park in Woodbury, centralizing their executive, purchasing and bookkeeping departments. From this vantage point the natural segue for Jerry was to become Chief Operations Officer. As COO, he began to formulize a 21st century business plan for the family managed, second generation's business, successfully merging new strategies. This included current industry trends, creative marketing and management programs.

In November of 2004 Jerry took over the Westbury Manor. The facility has reached new heights with Jerry taking the lead. Not only does it illustrate a picture of fine taste and elegance, the Westbury Manor is a lucrative machine with every member acknowledging their vital role and continuously being inspired by Jerry's uncanny ability to push every person to reach their potential and beyond. Along with running the Westbury Manor, Jerry is constantly looking for additional opportunities in the hospitality industry.